What were they thinking?

I really don’t know what to say about all this, I looked at it and said WTF…
I guess they figure there is no need for single pole breakers or romex connecters or conduits nipples and double taps are ok, ect. ect…






SO what are you trying to say ? lolol

I especially like how the connected the service neutral…

I know what they were thinking " Hmmm…what is the easiest way to kill myself or others"…that has to be what they were thinking.:roll:

Jeff, can you explain to me what’s wrong with the service neutral please

I am sure jeff is speaking about the installer splitting up the grounded conductor (neutral in this case) which results in alot of potentially undersized grounded conductors…:wink:

I personally love the top right double pole breaker…well to be honest this is a duck and run panel. Defer…Defer …Defer to those who wish to mess with it…your local licensed electrical contractor.:wink:

Hmmm I am lookin on my phone and I can’t tell that it’s split up

lol…well to be honest I cant see the image that well but figured it looked that way. Another reason I hate commenting on photos because my eyes are simply not what they used to be…lol

not to mention it appears to cut right across the terminal screw of the ungrounded conductor…the routing is suspect but again my eyes are getting bad in my old age…well the diabetes helped it along as well.

Paul got it. Look at it on your computer. It’s a single, stranded conductor but rather than attaching beneath a single terminal, they separated the strands and made multiple connections on the terminal bar.

Every now and then i may get one right…:wink:

OMG The buyers realtor just got a response from the sellers realtor, I had to share this one…
It is as follows, I changed the names…

First, the sellers are fine with addressing all of the starred items on the summary page with the exception of the electric/breaker box. And here’s their reasoning: They had the electric update done in the time they owned the house. They had BLANK Construction do that work. As soon as I sent them a copy of the inspection report yesterday - they called BLANK back out to look at the various things the inspector had pointed out. BLANK said they stood behind the work they did - and that if your buyer had questions or concerns about the current electric - she could certainly give them a call. The owner/manager’s name is @@@@@@, and the guy that actually did the work is named ****. I believe it was **** that came back out to the house, but %%%%% has also spoken to @@@@@. @@@@@ assured %%%%%% that if the occupancy inspection noted any electrical issues that need to be addressed before an occupancy permit could be obtained - they would handle those changes at no cost. Hopefully, hopefully a call to them could ease some concern…

Ask them if they took out a permit to install that mess.

Also, the AHJ will Not remove the panel cover for an occupancy permit inspection.