What were those home inspectors smoking?


That is crazy, but you sometimes have to be careful policing the police. Not to say that the inspectors shouldn’t have found these items. But 99 times out of a 100 you can go behind any inspector including Mike Holmes and find something.

Mike Holmes makes good TV, but he is not a Home Inspector.

I would ask whether Mr Holmes was informed, through his producer, of course, that the house was a grow house BEFORE he arrived to inspect it?

Kinda easy when you know the house’s condition BEFORE you start the inspection.

TV is NOT reality. Staged, pre-determined and all about ratings, even in Canada.

But, like Oprah and the soaps and MSNBC, the public just laps it up.

Get real.

If I had a $100,000 fee, and producers doing my pre-inspection work, I woud find a whole lot of defects.

Have Mr. Holmes come down to Chicago, without his pre-production staff, and do an inspection.

Hope this helps;