What will I find next when I open a panel cover.........

I truly believe that eventually Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest will weed out all of the Harry Homeowners that do some of the insane things that we see regularly. This was a repo and I guess that if you can’t afford a new breaker then just add a light switch. I don’t know the purpose of the switch (and don’t want to know). The power was off and I strongly recommended that a qualified electrician evaluate the service panel prior to the power being turned back on.

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OMG…you’re right…that should have been a 20A, not a 15A !!! :mrgreen:

The paint overspray that panel has rendered it unusable anyhow.

Power is of just pressure wash it should look like new, use organic soap only… Cooke

Except for the fact that the paint is recognized as having deleterious effects on the plastic insulating parts of the panel, and all panel manufacturers recommend condemning a panel that has pain overspray on the buss and insulating parts.

Yes and I was being Factious also, Sorry Marc

That overspray looks like spray texture and if so wipes off with a damp cloth.

I think it looks cooooool. :mrgreen:


I do want to know!
Why would you run that “switch” to two separate (double-tapped) breakers? Crazy. To think that this made sense to someone?
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What until you open one and everything starts to fall out. Now that is an experience.

Zinsco, perhaps? :mrgreen:

Roy that is a word picture I won’t soon forget…pressure wash the service panel…if You leave the power on it dries faster i would think…:shock: …thanks for the laugh…jim

Flip switch on, get 240 volts on 2 branch circuits. Run table saw, do some welding, knock on wood, brag to buddies :cool:.

You could have opened this one.

Courtesy Bryan Holland ECO City of North Port

maybe if that owner of that place did installed the single pole switch inside of the breaker box becuase his past experanice with the current limter metering socket was on before and he have to cross over the dead leg to get it on.

{ Marc Shunk have a photo of what the limter look like and i think he will repost it again if he have time}

Merci, Marc

The wire on the left goes to a 15-amp breaker#-o and the one on the right goes to a 20-amp#-o breaker so … I guess that he wanted a 35-amp breaker …](*,) :roll: