What will result in discounts?

As this new form starts to drive us all nuts Please let us all know what you all know when it comes to what will get discounts and what will not.

I have not intention of “proving” things that do not result in discounts. I will just mark what it is and be done with it.

Please let me know how you all will handle questions and answers that have no bearing on discounts.

Example = I would not crawl to the other side of a house in an attic to show a picture of gable bracing if gable bracing does not result in a discount.

I will not take a picture of a zircon on a wall if reinforced concrete does not get a discount etc. I will not include a picture of a staple if that is what is the roof deck attachment is. I personally will have it but I will not put in in the report.

I think you are really going off the deep end Mike!:smiley:

Just provide the information requested on the form. If you don’t, someone else will.

All this complaining on the message board, or anywhere else for that matter, isn’t going to change a thing. The ones in charge have unlimited funds and are going to do what they want. They have millions. Our one representative has a whopping 75K…In the real world where the dollar controls everything, who do you think is going to win this battle?

Hey Eric, They don’t even have that at this point if I am not mistaken the 75K is the goal…

I was being optimistic!

The phrase “snowballs chance in hell” comes to mind.


Why are you continually so opposed to doing what is required on a form for a client and getting paid for it if you charge accordingly? Either do the job the way it is required/requested or don’t.

If you don’t do it properly, the person getting screwed is your client, you know, the one that wrote you the check.

I don’t care much for what we have to do on the form, but it is what is required, so my choice is to do what is required and continue to make money. It’s pretty frickin easy anyway. :roll:

It seems that the wind mitigations are going to be much less about discounts, and simply more about proof of how the house was built, and is currently equipped. If you don’t do it, there is more than likely a line behind you of those who will.

Sad but true my friend…:frowning:

I am not opposed to doing what is required. You are only required to prove things that result in discounts. Why go thru the hassle of doing something that will not result in a discount?

Just for sh-ts and giggles?

No, you are required to prove things that the form requires you to prove.

Discounts, credits or anything else, is not our concern. If you are telling your clients what discounts they may get, you had better be sure. Which is why it is best left unsaid.

I certainly agree with that.

My example is with the gable bracing. No discounts then no reason to photograph.

I do not intend to do work that is not necessary or no one needs.

I have not really gone over the form very well yet. I just started creating my form so far.

Another example is window or door stickers. I once had an idiot request the sticker pictures for all the windows. I of course told them to pound sand. Or taking pictures of every window etched with pgt etc…

One shot for that is enough if all windows etc are the same brand and make.

According to the form, you are required to take one picture. I take as many as I can get , but put two on the form.
On my new form, the pictures are 4 on the first page (elevation) 2 of the roof/wall connection,2 of the nailing pattern, next page:1 of the roof decking, 1 of the truss spacing, and then the rest of the picture pages are for stickers, etchings, or whatever I feel is necessary. ON a house I just inspected, I took pictures of the roofing and hurricane shutter permits along with the etchings and window stickers. Although I may have 20 pictures, the person viewing them is less likely to question anything with that kind of documentation.

For the gable ends, it isn’t on the new form so there is no need to discuss it, with anyone.
Same goes for concrete/frame.

I will be gettting me a better and smaller metal detector instead of that huge piece of crap. maybe I will try out my moisture /metal detector today.

As was stated at the conference “If you are using anything else but the MT-6”
I’ll let you figure out the rest.:mrgreen:

Seeing that I was not there please enlighten me on why if I do not have to look for metal in concrete would I need such an inaccurate bulky device?

I forgot to try out my other device today but I know it would do a fine job in trusses. I would be willing to bet that tere would even be some real accurate smaller devices out there. Just a guess.

I will let the gurus answer.

Perhaps something that doesn’t qualifiy for a discount now, may at a later date or vice-versa. The form requires pictures for items 3-9. It doesn’t have a line that says “if the inspector thinks it will provide a discount to the owner”. We’re there to document, not to determine what qualifies for a discount.

I guess interpretation is the name of the game. I do not even know what Items 3-9 are off the top of my head. Feel free to do it any way you like. I personally do not care how others do it as that does not affect me.

Is anyone besides reinspectors using the form that goes into effect on Feb 1st yet? I am not until Feb 1st.

There really is no interpretation.
Certain items require pictures. That is it.
Items 3-7
3)Roof Deck Attachment:
4)Roof to Wall Attachment:
5)Roof Geometry:
6)Secondary Water Resistance (SWR):
7)Opening Protection
Which would be the following:

Glazed openings:
Windows or Entry Doors

Garage Doors


Glass Block

Non-glazed openings:
Entry Doors

Garage Doors

Anyone who calls for a wind mit, I tell them to wait until Feb 1 to submit it.
Also, my clients who had inspections done in December and January will be getting revised reports Feb 2, for free. They are already done.

Local agents here are clamoring for the inspections to be done now, yesterday, asap so that the old form can be turned in. Can’t wait to hear how many get rejected on 2/2.:wink:

That is just good business. I’ve been doing the same.