What window problem?

Seller at today’s inspection said I was nut’s for recommending new windows. :smiley:


You don’t even need to paint em. Just touch up the bare spots!

Just cover 'em with plastic, Erol…Geez!

Not windows just frames!:mrgreen:

Glass looks fine.

The whole place is a tear down. Everything in the home needs to be replaced. The sill was like a wafer after 40 years of negative drainage. Dead animals. I stopped taking pictures after a while and just left. Gas meter out front needed emergency service (almost knocked me over). It was like storm chasers except the home was on the ground. :neutral:

Practice house for the fire department?

Th seller’s been offered one million dollars for his land. It’s just an oversize lot surrounded by an $$ industial park. He’ll perk up I’m sure. :smiley:

No wonder he said there’s nothing wrong. :shock:

Well he was right Erol…they need everything around them first…:smiley:

Million bucks for the land…man I sure wish I would of bought a $hit load of bare land around here 20 years ago…but I guess we all say that huh…:smiley: