What wire size and breaker for heater???

I have a new duct heater and I want to make sure I am using the correct wire and breaker on the heater and the breaker panel. For some reason I can’t post a photo, but the sticker says

Warren Electric heater with Integral Limit Control

Model WGO1002B 240volt 1PH 1Step 60 HZ 39.6amps


Any hell would be greatly appreciated.


With that amount of amperage it would require # 8 copper wire with a 50 amp double pole breaker. Being you are asking this question I would highly recommend having a qualified contractor install for you

Does your electrical code have the “125% rule” for intermittent fixed electrical heat?

Using the above… In Canada, if the #8 NMD wire is rated for 40 amps (Can. Code), the breaker may be rated at 50 amps (40 x 1.25)

Or is the #8 rated at higher than 40 amps?