What would be your recommendation for this roof?

It’s ugly. It’s a mess. Your first inclination might be to recommend replacement, but with all these layers, it might not leak for another 20 years. It’s missing headwall flashing and has broken tile and debris.

What would you recommend?

review/repair from licensed company

I recommend that next time no beer be served until after the roofing job is finished. :wink:

Why are you doing inspections in Mexico?

I commonly recommend the client obtain a roof certification on this type of roof. I see these often on homes from the 40’s or 50’s.

Yep, this was in Ventura.

If I was an insurance agent, I would not insure it. Looks like quake damage to me. Replace.

I still see Sand Cast Pinto Tile roofs on brand new really expensive homes here.

The roofer has to get his smallest lightest person to make any repairs as those tiles break just looking at them.

Good one .I agree. No beer till job is finished and the ladder is put away.

I’m agreeing with Jeff. Pass on the liability and be done with it.

Sorry guys you where not kidding . I thought it was a joke photo,Kenton to get some people amused. Wow I see these in neighborhoods that are nationality specific. I am trying to be as honest as I can with out offending anyone. They are for over hangs and are not built by roofers but by homeowners owners. That one in the photo anyway. To me.
If I had to write it up I would Also have a licensed roofer do the wording for I have never done a tile roof. I am lucky for I have several friends that would word this for me.
Sorry I have repaired them and I am 165lbs. I use plywood with 2 inch blue insulation caulked under and apply the ply on the roof as not to damage the tiles. It prevents tiles from breaking by absorbing shock.
I use that method for all roofs I am on doing restoration to chimneys.