What would class this as?

I found this during a wind mit inspection I carried out today. I found these straps in the attic, they look like the may be plumbers straps and therefore will not have the strength to meet the required uplift. What do you think?

I see no nails in the straps…is that correct?, and whats is that on photo 2 a piece of angle iron next to the truss ? Wood frame or Tie beam ?

There where no nails, the form does not ask for them with double wraps only in the tie beam do not worry about the angle iron it was just being stored there.

Toe Nail (ii)

If you could prove it was attached as required above, then double wrap.
Since you can’t, toe nail.

What Eric said…


I know it is not smart to help the competition BUT:

Read the min requirement section for B, C or D in bold under the toenail one. :smiley:

This form sucks.

I also do not like the wind mit form but section 4 is easy to read and understand. If people cannot discern what the requirements for section 4 are then they have a problem, and it’s not the fault of the form in this instance.
According to the instructions on the form, the answer has to be A Toe Nails.

My question was not about the nailing just about what the straps are made off. At at least you was right about one thing you are not smart.

I know it is toe nail I was asking if people agreed that it is not even the correct type of material that was used.

Again I am not asking about the nails I am asking about the material used for the straps. Maybe I should have put in the 1st post “If the nailing was correct what rating would you give this strap due to the type of material used as it appears to plumbers straps”.

I will never lower my prices enough to be your competition

The form does not specify what “type” of strap is used. All it asks is how is it secured. If that strap had 2 nails on one side and one on the other, you could make a case for a single wrap. I am sure at that point, a sharp underwriter would ask for the specifications of the strap, which, by the way, looks thicker than a standard plumbers strap.

Would I consider it acceptable? Probably not, but according to the form, there is some wiggle room.

Where did the pictures go?

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If it was nailed as a single wrap, I would still select “Other - unapproved connector material”. That is plumbers strapping, even as a thicker guage.

Opps they back now :shock:

Plumber subbed in for the framer that day:D

He is right, this is plumbers strapping. Think you really want to design uplift capacity on that?

Maybe that day the contractor ran out of strap. Plumbers and HVAC crews use the strap in picture. Anything that has that many holes is not as strong as a solid piece. Not meant for wind load. I suppose the insurance co will either accept it or not.

Glad to hear it :smiley:

But, I would submit it is stronger than a toe-nail…:mrgreen: