What Would Happen If...

We took the responsibility to end the wholesale whoring of our profession by the organizations and schools who are only in the business of getting inexperienced and uneducated people their inspection license?

How would we accomplish this? Here is a strategy for a remedy which does nor require us going against our core beliefs, or forces us to monetarily support a coalition which has already proven themselves to be unworthy of our support.

What do you think would happen if the media was alerted to an event where 50 licensed home inspectors showed up to picket the school or exam place where this stuff is taking place?

It is our profession and our responsibility as NACHI members to do whatever we can to prevent the loss of our profession. The time for talking is way past and the time for action is now. Most of us are independent home inspectors without any voice but together we can make a difference… It’s up to you what happens now.

As another famous message board guru with the initials JB once said
“licensing solves nothing”.:wink:

Our actions and past people who were set “in charge” did not think of what is good for the industry, they only concentrated on what was good for them individually. The process’s and schools were not made with “love” of the inspector, but what’s the best gain personally.

Believe it or not, It makes no difference to me financially where this goes. I have had growth every single year I have owned the company and this year is no different. With that said, I still want our "profession’ to be viewed in the best light possible. There was no consideration made for the INSPECTOR and yet is was devised to bring in about 1500 NEW inspectors.

The people who have made money personally doing this, continue to the road of prolonged grandfathering.

I may be looking for some people for the help, I will be looking at people who have recently passed the FL NACHI exam in their area and have the new inspectors inspect a house where we already know the defects. Pay them their wage and then take the multiple reports to the news and show then EXACTLY what has been happening and how FL NACHI has been putting the general public at risk.

If they want it done their way, I will bring it to The news, the politicians or anyone who will listen. I said if from day one FL NACHI and AAA SCHOOLS have damaged the public, the organization and the profession.


Great idea, the time for talking is over, the time for action is now, how about you, I and your crew call the media and picket the next exam date?

To me picketing is not the proper course, yet I may be wrong. Small numbers will look poorly upon us. But if I can get people to perform inspections that passed the FL NACHI organization test. Provide me with a written report and then show all the safety issue and fire issues missed and how it is harming the public…well then, I think there we have something. We have written proof of the failure of the licensing…

I know, I know there is poor people in every industry. But when this is a hot topic, thinking about being chopped and exposing FL NACHI and AAA schools for what it is…I am game…

Now you guys know why I have been blowing blood vessels for 6 months…Nothing has been done proerply for the industry and ONLY for the INDIVIDUAL.

A full media driven sting operation, I like it, the tough part will be linking it back to the people responsible. :smiley:

How are they going to link it back? Well the fat, ugly guy with the beer belly jumping up and down screaming FL NACHI and AAA schools (me) should give them a hint where to look.

beer belly…I thought it was all patron and taco bell

LMAO…damn, he’s right!

I think it’s an excellent idea. I would solicit the assistance of some local consumer advocacy folks to join you and share in the publicity.

I’m confused about this point. Am I to assume that you mean the public was at LESS risk before licensing, because anyone could claim to be an inspector, at any time with no education, no background check, no insurance? Buy some business cards, and you’re in business? The public had no protection whatsoever, much like an unlicensed car dealership, sometimes known as fly-by-night. That is exactly how it was before licensure. That alternative will be somehow better for the general public than even a criminal background check by a licensing board?

Those 120 hours of education, proof of experience, or a proctored exam are somehow worse than nothing? Worse than no documented training?

No disrespect intended here, but I really don’t understand this logic. This seems to be some convoluted altruism of the public interest.

More than an assumption…but a statement of fact.

Did your license make you a better inspector?