What would this receptacle outlet be used for?

I came across this at yesterdays job and couldn’t figure out why this type of receptacle outlet would be installed at this location. Just in case you can’t see, this receptacle has an alarm built into it. To reset the alarm, there is a screw that needs to be turned on the face of the receptacle.

Has anyone see this before and what did you see it used for?

Are you in a hospital?


Leviton 8280-IGB blue Decora hospital grade duplex receptacle with surge suppression and audible alarm. The bright blue color is great for locations where you want to call attention to this special outlet: workshops, garages, computer rooms, etc. Protects sensitive equipment from potentially damaging transient voltage spikes. Hospital Grade, NEMA 5-15R, 2-pole, 3-wire, side wired, isolated ground, rated 15A 125VAC. Each is individually packaged with instructions. Features include:

  • Hospital Grade - hospital grade devices are top of the line in their category, designed for high-abuse healthcare, industrial and commercial applications

  • Isolated Ground - provides pure ground path for use in isolated grounding systems. Isolated ground devices have a grounding terminal that is electronically isolated from the strap to eliminate electrical interference (noise) in grounding networks that can cause problems in modern electronics

  • Provides hard-wired point-of-use surge protection for electronic equipment in industrial, commercial and residential applications

  • 3-level surge protection for phase-to-neutral, phase-to-ground, and neutral-to-ground

  • Monitor/Indicator LED is ON continuously when protection is active and OFF when protection circuit is deactivated due to excessive transients

  • Audible tone alert sounds if protection is lost

  • EMI/RFI filtering

  • Includes wallplate

    							**Item #:** L8280-IGB-EA 


No, it’s just a 7 year old house.

Thanks for the information. It really looks like he wanted to protect something.

It was located next to the kitchen counter.

Did you test the location for GFCI protection?

Maybe the guy did not realize the surge protector and GFCI are not the same.

No, this was located in the Dinette about a foot away from the kitchen counter top and about 5 feet off the floor. Wouldn’t think it would be in series the GFCI in the kitchen and no GFCI breakers installed.

Inspected a home where the elderly owner had his oxygen pump connected to an alarm outlet,… just a device to alert someone of a power failure I’m sure.

Or he was a maintenance man at the hospital lol

prolly had his pc plugged into it.

I would plug my coffee maker into something like that…you can’t be too careful when it comes to coffee.


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