What would you ask?

If you are NEW to the inspecting business, imagine you have the ability to ask ONE QUESTION of the top, most successful inspectors in the country.

You have one opportunity to find out why they are as successful as they are, what would that question be?

There isn’t just one question that would satisfy me. Too many aspects to it all!

What’s the name of the book, or domain name/URL, or ‘get rich quick’ scheme, or marketing ploy, or…? :neutral:

“What help have you received in the past that you are most grateful for?”
“What educational or work-related resource have you found to be the most helpful?”
“What is your personal and work motto?”
“What are your daily priorities? What thoughts cross your mind first thing when you wake up?”

Who should I NOT model my business after? :slight_smile:

Actually I would ask, how do you evaluate/understand and tune your business to your market?