What would you do?

Had a call the other day from a guy wanting about $600.00 in inspections. After talking with me, he decided to go ahead and book the inspections. When I started to get his information he said the title company is calling him, he would call me back.
A few hours past when he called me back. He said the title company said that he will not own his front yard or driveway, and his Realtor told him that the only way to get out of the contract is it not passing an inspection.

Late I will tell you what I did.

I do all my inspections the same for the agent to try to influence your decisions is Wrong .
I feel if is up to my client to make his own decisions and if he is not satisfied with ??? or ??? that you have found so be it .
I expect you did what you normally do and let the chips fall where they may.
I feel the Client can say and do as they wish .


Pass the inspection? I did not know inspectors can give a Pass or Fail I thought that is upto the client no one else.

I would not alter my inspection. There could be conditions that affect the home that may not be on the buyer’s property. It is what it is. You report. They decide. Like Mike said, Home Inspectors don’t give pass/fail grades.
I’ll bet that’s what you told him. Or else you called the title company and the realtor and told them to butt out.

Do the inspection AS USUAL, do the report AS USUAL.

How the client uses that info is up to him/her and their agent. In MO real estate law, there is no such thing as pass or fail in the inspection contingency. (At least in the last contract I looked at.) The inspection could conceivably come back flawless on the property, and the buyer can still get out of the contract, simply by stating that they didn’t like the results of the inspection. It’s literally a “get of jail free card”. The fact that the client told you what he is going to use the report for, is irrelevant. (His agent should know that if she actually passed the RE license course.)

That is one sad thing about the industry. It doesn’t matter if I hear it from a seasoned realtor to a newbie home owner, I always hear “did it pass” or "what did it score"

When I explain to them that there is no passing or failing, just the facts about the defects found, they almost feel disappointed. I never understood that. Maybe it’s because they now know the decision lays in their hands and not someone elses.

This could be a test.

Remember, you work in a state where real estate salespeople are trying hard to create an illusion (in the absence of hard evidence) that they should be in control of home inspectors.

As has been already said…provide a complete and unbiased report that describes the home and its systems, take your money and move on to the next client.

Good posts. This is what I did.
I told the guy this: What your Realtor said was unethical and wrong. I can not preform the inspection because of what your Realtor said. I normally would preform the inspection and what the property is it is. I am not allowed to tell you what to do. Talk to the other people in the transaction about
the situation with the title. You do not need to spend money on an inspection you do not really need. If you ever need anything else just let me know.
He thanked me and said he understood.
I admit it was tempting to take his money, but I felt he should not be penalized for having a bad Realtor. Hopefully he has enough since to talk to his lender about it. Bad title equals no loan.