What would you do?

From yesterday’s inspection. AC voltage on the refrigerator.

I’ll be out till later today and have more pics and a story to post.

What would you do? ( I was alone at the inspection )

Why is this happening?

Sorry guys. I must have forgot to hit upload :oops:

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I don’t know!

Don’t know, need more info. Most likely I’d turn off power to the circuit.
How did you discover this?

Reversed polarity of receptacle?

Where is this photo?

I see nothing…Sgt Schultz

If you are talking about the frame of the fridge being energized, I would look at the compressor on the fridge. It may have a wire that has gone bad due to compresor vibration maybe and is touching the frame of the fridge.

Unplug the fridge and with a cont. tester check between the case of the fridge and the grounded conductor and do the same with the ungrouded conductor and see what you get on the cont. tester…

Pic didn’t post the first. Go back to post #1.

It’s there now.:slight_smile:

Another clue but far from the whole story.


Whatever possessed you to try your ticker on the refrigerator?

What he said

Looks like a mini fridge. Bet Mike bumped into it, muttered some explitives and pulled out his voltage tester. :slight_smile:

I found the reverse polarity outlet first and my Spidey sense kicked in.:shock:

I was surprised to say the least but it gets better.

This is a two fault situation that created this hazard but you have to think about what is going on.

BTW-That particular non contact voltage tester will glow on voltage but when its AC it also beeps and it was singing away. beep beep beep

It’s full size near a family room bar area.:wink:

There might have been an expletive but I don’t recall.;-);-):shock:

Clean my fingernails, really thats gross :wink:


Sorry Gerry.

It is gross.

I moved some sod before I went on the inspection.

I’m always cleaning my nails.:wink:

LOL, sorry Mike, just couldn’t resist :mrgreen:

BTW there is obviously a problem eilther with the way the outlet is wired or a grounding problem in the appliance.



This is an easy fix, hard wire the fridge backwards, and Viola!

Close Gerry. Very close.

BTW-I cleaned my fingernails :wink:

You win the next clue.

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HI Mike

I see your reversed polarity and raise you one false ground, do I win yet?? :smiley:



You’re well along the way to solving the case detective Beaumont.

They plugged the three prong refer into the cheater and then the 2-wire extension cord and into the reverse polarity outlet.

I didn’t measure the available fault current on the refrigerator but I bet it was high. I would want to touch that fridge standing on the carpet which is on a grade slab.

What did I do next?

Or what would you do?

Run ;), or unplug the extension cord :frowning:



Get a drink straight from the faucet while holding onto the fridge? :shock::roll::shock: