What would YOU do?

I’m wanting opinions as what to do about vented attic access in the garage…I know they compromise the firewall integrity, etc…how would you state that issue on a 4 PT? Or would you?

Thanks in advance

It’s not a concern on the four point. Would might make a verbal note with the buyer/owner but most people don’t care. I vented my attic access because it’s just to hot.

There are hundreds of defects you’ll see in a home that aren’t necessarily relevant to insurance inspections.


I WOULD NOT on a 4 point.

The question is NOT ON MY FORM :slight_smile:

You mean like this? …not for a 4 point.

Nope ! I’m with Mike.
Do you have a spot on your form for that ?

One of the nicer ones I have seen.
Saw one where a lady keeps a squashed 2 liter bottle in the pull down creating an air gap:roll:

Why would that be dumb? home inspector comes -remove bottle.
The other one has been cut, thats a fire hazard.
whos the smart one? :smiley:

Never said it was dumb just was a PIA for me because I had to put it back and the ceiling was taller than I could reach.

Thanks guys, I was simply concerned if this condition would be construed by the insurance companies as a “hazard”…real, imagined or potential.

RedNeck Roy, I am so disappointed to not see you next week!

You Suck!:slight_smile:

If the insurance company knew of it because they went out and saw it or someone mentions it to them, I would dare say they would probably take issue with it. I’m not saying put it on the 4 point form because it really doesn’t categorically belong on the form. I would however mention it to the homeowner along with an explanation of why its a safety concern. That’s just what I would do though. Others may act differently. Just my opinion.