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Inspected a home yesterday afternoon, was called by the client rather then a RE agent. The home has been empty for about 4-6 months but the heat was on set at 58 degrees. There was a faint smell of natural gas in the lower level. The gas detector went crazy when placed near a union of 2 pipes. The realtor wasn’t there nor was the seller. The buyer showed up about the time I was wrapping up. I told the buyer about the problem and told him to call the seller but at this point the seller(an investor) is unknown to him. He called the RE agent but all he could do is leave a message. He talked with his lawyer but he didn’t know what to do. I left the gas on(the way it was when we got there) so the pipes wouldn’t freeze.

I couldn’t sleep worrying about the leak so I called the gas company. They shut off the gas and this morning I called the the buyer to tell him about the situation. The leak is the number one item in my report to the clients lawyer and RE agent.

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Call the Gas co. immediately and get out of the house.

I found a gas meter that had a leak one time I called the gas co. they had a guy there in 10 min. to fix it.

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Or call the fire department. In this area, the gas company can take hours to respond (even to an emergency). Firefighters are trained to respond to natural gas leaks, have the legal authority to shut off any of the utilities, and can vent the built up gases safely.

I would say to NEVER leave the house with gas still leaking.

And get out as soon as you confirm the leak.

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