What would you like to see in a basic software package ?

hi guys,

I am thinking of developing a very low cost inspecion package.
what are the basic things that you would like to see in a package that sells for less than $100.00 ?
It just seems to me that there are quite a few software packages out there, but most of them cost substantially more than $100.00.
Being a software developer for 24 years, I think that this is just way too much money…
so, how about it folks…, maybe we can get a decent package out of this for the home inspection industry that is not going to cost us an arm and a leg.
I also have about 17 years of total experience between the construction industry and home inspection industry combined. With that , I hope to bring some experience to the program itself.

let me know what you think folks.

Kevin Rea

Define Basic for me.

Everything in a package that sells for 900.00.