What would you say?

I am working with a local Commercial company to develope some Public Service spots for NACHI.

How would you complete this statement about “Inspecting Your Inspector”:

When selecting your Home Inspector always…

Please keep the response to a one line answer, if possible.

I think that you find that different things work in different regions.

I know that if we weren’t required to carry E&O in PA, I would tell all clients to make sure that their inspector has E&O.

As it is, I tell all potential clients to select an inspector that will take the time to explain even the simplest item, and answer even seemingly little questions - that is someone who truly cares about you and will perform a thorough inspection for you.

Absolutely agree Joe. Even though the inspection takes longer(upto to an addtional on site) to inspect, I strongly encourage clients to attend the inspection and ask any questions they may have. My goal is to educate clients and also to set reasonalble expections.

Always make sure you Inspector is Certified.

When selecting your inspector always expect him to be objective and unbiased regarding the property he inspects.

When selecting your inspector always review his standard operating procedures and be certain you know what it being covered during the inspection and what is not.

When selecting your inspector always review your pre-inspection agreement with him, carefully, and ask questions regarding any points that you do not understand.

When selecting your inspector always review his or her credentials to make sure that you do not have a “Candiate / Rookie / Apprentice” conducting your inspection.

When selecting your inspector always make sure that they have passed a written or on line examination to see if they know the difference between a faucet and a furnace.

“When selecting your Home Inspector always contact previous clients (referrals).”

“If an inspector can’t provide these what else can’t they provide?”