What you won't see tonight...

Tonight, when you see President Obama give his State of the Union address, you will see four things:

the President entering the hall,

the President greeting by the Vice President and the Speaker of the

the President giving his speech,

and the reactions of members of the Congress and others.

There is the one thing you will not see and probably have never seen. You won’t see what is behind the President and above the Vice President and the Speaker. And you won’t know that you are missing something of importance.

Ever wonder why television cameras never pull back and give a wide-angle view of the President delivering his speech? It’s routine for TV: It is considered uninteresting to TV viewers to have a fixed view of a subject.

So what is up there?

Chiseled in the marble wall behind the Speaker and Vice President, in giant letters, the words…

"In God We Trust."

Jae, We do but they don’t

Are you sure it isn’t just because its up so high on the wall?


I remember one time during a King George presidential address, Cheney nodding off. That was funny!

Heck, I dozed off–make that slept soundly–during all of Georgie’s addresses.

You just now someone is hold a cue card up in front for Biden so he knows when to clap. :wink:

How come both sides of the isle are clapping.
Are’nt the Repubs under orders to stay seated and not clap?

[quote=“belliott, post:7, topic:56038”]

How come both sides of the isle are clapping.
**Are’nt the Repubs under orders to stay seated and not clap?/**quote]

Why would they be so ordered?? Do have some sort factual evidence to support such a statement, or is this just another of your inanities?