What your brothers are doing for YOUR future!

Jay Murray just dontated $501! HOLY crap! That is a lot of money and I guess he is serious about proper representation!

Ed Bancroft gives every month

Eric Van De Ven - Just kicked in some big time $$$$

Milton Tow - Just gave $500 today

There are several others who gave when I did not have the postion and their money is what got us off the ground and working towards what we need to work towards.

I am humbled by your support and for thiose who know me, humble is not a word used to describe me.

I do realize the faith and trust your are instilling in me and I take it very serious and want to thank you personally and professionally.

Its a great day to be a Florida Nachi Member…

I told you so. Open it up, invite participation, listen. Now we all see and want to help. We are now “part of the solution”.

We love ya’, Russ!

Knowing what the cost of Lobbying in NJ was to repeal AXXX Legislation and replace with something more favorable (not perfect)…

You need more Florida Inspectors donating…
Donations in 3 digits help
but will not secure favorable Legislation…
Keep up the diligence to make effective changes…

Russ, where do we donate?

Donate here:

or send checks to the
Fl Home and Insurance Inspector Chapter
1103 W Hibiscus Blvd Ste 311
Melbourne, Fl 32901

in the memo put legislative fund

Checking my signature line

Nice touch

Preston just donated AGAIN…thanks Bro

Humberto Caraval just donated as well…ty very much, you guys rock!

Just so the membership knows. I don’t just talk the talk. So far I have given $1,651 dollars towards legislation. I am not trying to brag, just want you to know that I lead by example…and when I ask something of you, I am prepared to do it myself.

You have always been one who is generous, not just with your money but your time and knowledge as well.
Thank you .

Aubry your super generous donation of $500 today was very kind and generous as always. Not only proud your a member of the board, but a friend as well. Ty for the donation and helping your brothers.

Way to go Aubrey!

Thank you so very much to Glen Botts and Brian Hoagland for their donations to our Legislative Fund!!!


THANK YOU so very much to Ted Emmes for his donation of $100.00 today!!! :slight_smile:

Nice Nice nice…

Larry Losciale just did one of Nicks auction bids and the proceeds went to…the Florida Legislative fund!..$440…WOW…another brother helping a brother and our legislative fund is a GREAT cause.

So if Nick has something you are going to buy anyways, buy it then donate the proceeds to the legislative fund! GREAT idea and thank you very much…very much…