What Your Favorite Home Made Inspection Tool

Whats your favorite home made inspection tool? I would like to share my very simple yet useful tool and hope this tool will help you too. I made a multi functional tool that fits in my tool box. I use it to test sump pumps, probing, general measuring, test smoke alarms and check minimum height for over head cables. It cost less $5; its made from 2 pieces of 1/2" x 26" CPVC. One end has a 90 degree elbow used to safely reach and hook sump pump floats. The other end I hot glued a bolt within the tube to expose its hex head making it easier to push on smoke alarm test buttons. The other piece I hot glued a micro screw drive I use for probing. When I put the two pieces together I have 51" of reach that allows me to measure the minimum clearance for overhead service conductor.

I did this one about 6 months ago…Still use it today.

Thanks for the thread…good info

I made a camera pole about 4 years ago , Painter pole and tripod mount. for those hard to get places .

Same here and use it all the time.:stuck_out_tongue:
Best way to see roofs you can’t climb on.

I’ve made one as well.

Coat hangers. LOL

My standard, Mark 1, brain.

Hope this helps

Wire coat hangers have got me out of a few jams around house a few times. Don’t recommend using to test sump pumps or hights of over head conductors. Lol

With the slower economy I could not afford to keep putting colored stickers on defects like the realtors in our area like. So I bought a paint ball gun. Now I can hit rottet soffits without a ladder, etc.

I know this is an old thread but Dans response had me cracking up, picturing paint ball breaking through the wood and seeing realtors expression. Not sure if serious or not?

How do you trigger the camera ?

Now that’d be funny :mrgreen:

Re : How do you trigger the camera ?

The one I just made a few months ago goes 24 ft. I uses a Samsung wifi camera that connects to my phone so while the camera is 24 ft up I can see view screen and take pics from my phone

Wi-Fi to your phone Velcro to the pole.

WIFI to phone or timer

I use the timer and or burst shot with it :slight_smile:

I am also wondering if the paint ball gun is true. I doubt it but would LOVE it if true :slight_smile:

I put in on video, then pull out the stills I want.