I think this thing operated with quaters.

Hmm…never seen one of those before, learn something (usually) everyday here…WHAT is it Brian?

Kind of like a self-closing gate for a pool in the back yard, keeps the kids out?

Or maybe a detachable spatula which can be used in extreme situations?

Looks like Oh I better not say that It would be bad.

It looks like a safety latch to keep the little ones from playing (or falling) into the water. Never seen one like that before though.

The information regarding the specific use of this item can only be disclosed to current CMI’s in good standing Dale, sorry buddy.

I understand…I’ll stand-by until a CMI steps in to get us straightened out on this configuration—:shock:

maybe a dog with an unquenchable thirst?

Dylan, are you a CMI.?..:lol:—:weird:—:margarit:—:-&

Way too many faces to translate Dale.

I am CMI. That stands for Competently Mental Inspector right?

Looks like an auto-closer to me. . .

Must have some lazy boys in the house. . . :wink:

Ha, how’s that for reading between the lines! :mrgreen: :smiley:

For those of us that aren’t smart enough to be a CMI - Link

man …what kind of neighborhood do you live in that You have to lock your toilet…???

Who the hell come up with that stupid idea?

You know us grown ups can’t operate child proof mechanisms. :smiley:

Hurry, I got to go, hurry please I got to go. Ah, too late. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I’d hate to be drunk and have to try and open that damn thing! :mrgreen: :shock:

and a big amen from the choir !!!

Well I’ll be damned…I found one also…!!!..this one took dollar bills, must be an inflation issue!!!

Or for a Buck…a new roll of T-Paper falls from a hole in the ceiling-----:smiley:


Crazy check this out

Let me guess?..Bubble Boy house?


Either they are getting ready to paint, or someone is planning on eating at a Taco Bell. :vomit: