What's a used BCAM SD worth?

Any ideas?

I saw one advertised for 5K but a new one can be had for $3500 so I think that guy is dreaming. I’m getting ready to sell mine.

Typically, less than new but, realistically, however much someone is willing to give you for it. :mrgreen:

A genius is born every second :mrgreen:

I bought mine last year used for 3400, not an SD model

And I got rid of my BCAM SD two years ago for new price.

I advertised a vehicle for sale in the local paper for 2-3 weeks one time for $11,500. It didn’t sell.

I set it out front of where I live on a seldom traveled road for $16,500 and sold it for $16,000 in 2 days.

I felt like a genius.:mrgreen:

OK…that is pretty good, but did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?