What's in your closet?

Real Estate Agent Finds Homeowner Dead Inside Closet

Friday February 8, 2008
CityNews.ca Staff
It was the last thing that any potential buyer would expect - or ever want to see - when shopping around for a new place to call home.

A real estate agent who took a client to view a house in central England found the owner hanging from a belt inside a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, the agency said Thursday.

“It was quite a shock,” said a spokesman for estate agents Hartleys. “Our agent quickly ushered everyone out, locked the property and called the authorities.”

The 350,000-pound ($700,000) estate had only been on the market for a week and it was the first showing.

The owner, a single man in his 40s, is thought to have committed suicide. He inherited the house from his mother who died recently, the estate agents said.

Chances of highlighting closet space: out the window.

“Body found in closet recommend further evaluation by a qualified coroner, as correction as necessary.”

Wish someone would leave me a $700K house to sell. The only place you would find me hanging is around the bar in Cancun.

He probably is one of the hundreds of thousands of middle aged men today who still lived with and off his Mommy and once she achieved room temperature he did not know how to handle life anymore. Too bad.