What's leaking?

Let’s play Stump the Chumps
Yes, the weep holes work

Apparently the weep holes do all the draining and the downspouts are ornamental.

looks like the moisture is limited to areas around the windows.
on-existant flashing?

Since it shows up on the low roof and high roof areas, and there is a significant roof overhang and soffit, I would say the floor is flooded from a plumbing leak.

Jim King

With the groves in the grass it is obvious there is water comming from behind the gutters .
I would expect some of it is going back behind the soffit into the brick cavity also.
Possible Lack of drip edge has a lot to do with this .

Roy Cooke

I should have said, “Yes, the weep holes work intermittently.”

All these years of seeing weeps I never really gave them a second thought until this one.

Now I know I can’t trust my lying eyes.
Just because I can see them doesn’t mean they will work properly.
I’ll not be perfoming this test on evey house, though.

I’ll post the answer after work this evening.

Keep the responses coming.


The gutters work but I like your thinking.

Is this a slab?
Have control joints been cut into it?(there’s a patteren in the distance between wet areas).
If control joints are there ,are they unwhittingly acting as channels and holding the"weep" water?
That wouldn"t be good because it would also mean the water follows the joint to the interior.

Sooo…what is it Barry? Barry?

Looks like a bad sod laying job to me.

There seems to be some leak areas including as far the back section where you can see the sofit but not on the other side of the gate. Perhaps the neighohood fido’s are paying a visit. :slight_smile:

Except fo the closest one, many apear to be coiniciding with lintle placement. There may be weeps at bottom but not above the lintles. This would cause the lintle to act as a diverter forcing greater accumulation in the areas shown. Either that or they have the window track draining behind the brick.

Nope, the lines you see are freshly laid sod, gutters are installed under the drip edge.

Yes, it’s a slab. But NO to control joints.

James wins or is the closest. This all came from a dishwasher leak at the supply and pump.

Luckily the DW sat in the cove of the kitchen tile and cabinetry forming a dam to contain the majority of the water. This allowed it to seep down and across the brick ledge from the third or closest of the three kitchen windows.

Makes me wonder how well the sill plate is attached.

Carpet and pad was pulled 1’ away from the apparently affected walls at the front dining and back bedroom areas, with no real signs of the leak. This was done by the builder and client.
Without removing the kickplates from the cabinets I have no idea how many bases may have been affected.

Yes, I did remove the DW kickplate before starting the machine with no apparent problems this leak started mid-cycle while I was doing the rest of the house.

All I can think of is the pump was damaged on the back side (out of view) upon install or a defect from factory and after pressure built up through a few pump cycles it ruptured and kersplash.

Thanks Barry a great many thoughts traded and ideas.
I am sure we all are just a little smarter now …
Good one loved it.
Roy Cooke

Probably a faulty ceramic seal on the backside of the pump. I used to replace a lot of those, too often on new ones.

I’m glad you enjoyed it.
This will go into my Hall of Shame or CRAP photos http://www.adairinspection.com/CRAPPhotos

:mrgreen: now that was funny