What's missing here?

What’s missing here?](http://www.rd.com/images/tfhimport/2001/Nov01_Ask_Handyman/20011101_Ask_Handyman_page001img001_size2.jpg)

Power source?

if i am right there is no repectale on the outside box on the wall.

and the other thing majorty of them miss one more item is silicone the top and side of box as well to prevent the water get in.

Merci, Marc

Possibly 300.7(B)

Getting close!

I was looking for 300.5(J)

Here’s what it says for underground runs:

"(J) Ground Movement.** **Where direct-buried conductors, raceways, or cables are subject to movement by settlement or frost, direct-buried conductors, raceways, or cables shall be arranged so as to prevent damage to the enclosed conductors or to equipment connected to the raceways.

FPN: This section recognizes “S” loops in underground direct burial to raceway transitions, expansion fittings in raceway risers to fixed equipment, and, generally, the provision of flexible connections to equipment subject to
settlement or frost heaves."

You will find them missing everywhere. I am not sure I have ever seen an expansion fitting actually installed anywhere. Certainly never on a riser like this. I am reminded of the old picture you had of the RNC sticking about 2’ past the end of a building, presumably because of expansion. That said, using strategically placed elbows is a way of healing with expansion.

how could we have known it was subject to movement?

Another example](http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=8843&d=1170308798)

How would we see it during a home inspection?

It would look like this one in this raceway riser, this picture was posted above.

The expansion fitting was installed.

If upon an inspection where the UG conduit was run as a continuous underground run, showing and no signs of settlement or frost heaves, then there would be no concern necessary.