What's new in the inspection industry. Some members were not aware of this page...

What’s New in the Inspection Industry.

So I’m just putting out this reminder.

And many that do don’t visit it because it’s not well organized. IMO

It’s chronological, latest news (as we learn about it) at the top.

A lot of Members are not Aware of this Page also Nick.

http://co.nachi.org/inachiawards/inachiawards555.html :):smiley:

Maybe you can help us with that. :wink:

Looks like you just did Marcel…:slight_smile:

I had that figured out. :slight_smile: There’s too many listed for one page, it takes time and/or patients to scroll through hundreds of “events”. Maybe if they were on a calender or categorized, other than by date, just an idea.

We have known (I say “known” because most chapters don’t tell us about their meetings) events on this page: www.nachi.org/events.htm sorted by date.

We have several chapters that instruct us not to reveal when/where their meetings are. :frowning:

What’s up with that?

Their chapters have turned into mini marketing operations and they don’t want/let other inspectors in. I call them shadow chapters.

It’s why we permit any member to form his/her own chapter: www.nachi.org/form.htm

Nick, we have a Chapter Here; http://co.nachi.org/inachiawards/inachiawards555.html

But it was designed and maintained by the Awards Committee for the Members of this Association.

As you know, we have been providing Awards since 2004 and not enough Members contribute to the Message Board to know what it is about.

I was wondering if a little publicity would be conducive on your part to promote what we do and what is available.

Say an email blast every Fall, to let Members outside this Message Board know what we do and what is available to them.

At the same time, it may help in recruiting new members in the Message Board.

Just a thought for you.

Any thoughts to the matter, I am willing to listen.

Thanks for what you do for us. :):smiley:

Marcel, we put out an inspector eNewsletter every month. If you email me what you want in it, I’ll add it in. It goes to every member, every month.

Cool, I’ll draft something up.

Thanks. :slight_smile: