Whats that address??

I inspected this house today. It was a just build $285000 new construction home. Great house, built well, really pretty. This made me chuckle…

Woops, here is the picture…


:mrgreen: ooppssss

Maybe it for people with a short term… I can’t think of the word. Maybe it will come to me.

That number is for people driving off. They look in their rear view mirror to get the street number.

Good one Dave

It’s for the people inside ordering pizza delivery. The PP (pizza person) asks their address and they just look up at the window: “224 Penny Lane.”

very nice, its for the babysitter when she calls 911.

The address is correct–the house was built backwards.

I think it should have been on the other side of the street.

Classic Jae

Actually, Its the Back door of the house , they just installed it in the front.
Thanks, Rm