Whats the biggest problem with this roof

Saturday inspection surprised me it was a 2000 build

Besides all the loose shingles.
The low pitch shouldn’t have shingles if it is 2:12 or less…
And you shouldn’t be walking it.

Nobody works on Saturday, that’s the day for WVU football!!

There’s a few loose shingles on the ridge cap. Other than that, no problem!:mrgreen:

The application of wood shake shingles on a low sloped roofing structure (less than 4:12) requires an approved membrane over the roof deck and the shingle exposure should also be reduced.


As per above wood shakes not less than 4:12 and wood shingles not less than 3:12:D:D

Sooners had a 7:00 PM game we will see you in two weeks. No crying allowed;-)

I can send ya some duct tape for your pant legs if you need it and it appears you do. :shock::shock:

What are you talkin’ about you old fart?:smiley:

No guarantees!

Ya old dummy ya don’t know what duct tape is used for. I will explain in plain English how you use it for roof climbing. You tape the bottom of both legs it keeps the ants from crawling up your leg and eating your candy A**:twisted:




You guys are too funny :slight_smile: