What's the correct name for these caps?

Button plug?

Look inside or around the outside. On the remote chance it fell off and may still be there.

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Thank you, I’ve been scanning pic/replacement parts trying to find them.

Did, nothing there.

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Cover it with aluminum tape.

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Hole cover, snap in plug, bung plug. Whatever gets the point across.


Morning, Terrill. Hope this post finds you well and in good spirits today.
Unfortunately I can not answer your inquiry specifically by name.

Correct me if I am wrong. I take it that is the lower unit for the evaporator coil of an AHU/Air Handler?
Serial & Model numbers help when trying to ‘reference’ replacement parts.
I would search the manufacturer model for replacement parts. Best advice I can offer at this time until someone chimes in with the proper name.

Observation: Missing upper left side Plastic Cabinet Plug on the air handler evaporator plenum.
Recommend: 1: A licensed HVAC contractor install a plenum cabinet plug. 2: Service the HVAC system prior the next heating or cooling season.
Best of luck with your endeavors.

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