What's the difference...

Between a Stab-Loc electrical panel and a G-loc (G-Stab) panel? (No other labeling)

Found a G-loc panel earlier this week. Had an open knock out, and the interior looked very similar to Stab-Loc so I didn’t open it, just in case.


Never heard of a G-lok. Who is the manufacturer?

It was either G-loc or G-Stab. I can’t remember, and the picture didn’t come out. That was the only label. House built in the 70’s.

GE? Goulds?

If it’s neither of those, you’re giving bad information.

Marc, that’s all the information that was there. There was a single sticker on the inside of the door that said either G-loc or G-stab, one of the two. Like I said, the photo didn’t turn out. I think it was G-stab.

General Switch

Search G-loc circuit breaker

See it for sale on ebay it is a “thin” breaker

Is it the same thing or similar to stab-loc? Are there any concerns with it?

Try G-stab circuit breaker instead on Google
Then search for General Switch

I don’t want to buy one. I want to know if there are any issues with them. I’ve gone the google route already, and have come up empty.

Look here for more about the same issue:

I discovered the name of the product as “General Switch” and gave references to that equipment, I never suggested that you buy a breaker!

Hope that the comments in the post above will put your mind at ease.

I would look inside of that panel though so as to be sure that there are no problems.


Damn Larry, you’re right on the money this morning…!!!

Thank you Joe, that’s the panel. I didn’t open it because the name spooked me. There was enough already wrong with the electrical throughout the house, that I made a recommendation that the entire electrical system be fixed by an electrician.

But that does put my mind at ease. thank you.

That’s it! Maybe I should use this picture in my report since mine didn’t turn out. :mrgreen:

(Just kidding of course.)