what's the pipe sticking out of the ground

During an inspection we saw the pipe sticking out of the ground next to the downspout. What’s this pipe for?
Thank you

Downspout stabilizer

Since we are guessing…incomplete radon riser?

no radon mitigation system in place.

is it normal to do it this way? why not tie it to the exterior wall?

and radon pipe is bigger than this one right?

How old is the home , could be a additional vent pipe

Actually I feel it’s more like a temporary fence post… do you guys agree?


My WAG is an unused subterranean drain for the downspout.

I agree with this, an old chain link fence post


**It’s the ground with a pipe sticking out of it.

It is OK to say “I don’t know” when your a Home Inspector sometimes.

It is Never OK to “Guess” when your a Home Inspector.

True words.

Observation: There was a pipe observed outside, in the ground, with unknown function, termination point, or destination. Suggest consulting with seller or disclaimer about function or destination of pipe.

I see some cable wires attached to the wall. Could this have been a post used to mount a satellite dish to?

Chain link fence post.