What's the rating on these cartridge fuses?

Much higher than the appliance rating…

I hope this system is protected elsewhere and this switch is used as an isolation only.
I also see it is a 3 phase and I am concerned with the wiring big time .
Looks like the switch is old and tired .
Was it energised and in use???

125 gpm?

LOL I was thinking if it was hard K copper or soft that is even better Jim.:lol:

They do make dummy fuses .


The wiring is a serious concern as well, as Roy mentioned. Several issues exist. First, the cable entering in the top (line side I assume) is actually obstructing the blade of the center pole of the disconnect. It also looks as if the EGC is just not terminated and is actually nearly in contact with the center fuse. Also notice that the conductor on the top right terminal is barely captured by the binding screw.

As far as the rating of the “fuses”, I would say Jim hit it right on the head!!!

This was a condenser disconnect. Luckily there was a breaker at the main.

Condenser was brand new on a flip. This is a perfect example of why flips need a good inspection. I love when buyers or agents call questioning the need for an inspection “on a beautiful flip”. “It’s like a brand new home!”

This leaves many questions.

If it was brand new a call to the inspections department to see if it was permitted and inspected.

If it was permitted and inspected I would report my findings to the director of that department.

If I was called to do an evaluation this would be my first stop each and every time. I don’t understand why it is not a SOP with home inspectors. If I was buying a home this is something I would think was of very high importance, was there a lot of DIY work done on this home.

If it is a branch circuit that is protected in the panel then fuses is not needed unless the unit calls for fuses instead of a breaker.