Whats this called?

HEY , I haven’t come across one of these untill today, what kind of trap is this and what would u say about it?

btw, i already know about the drum trap to the lower right - im asking about the configuration on left under old sink.

It has no name and makes no sense.

That bracket and the pipe below the trap may just be for support of the sink. Could you visualize down the drain at all?

Thought you meant the cleanout.
That small cover is a cleanout Joe.

Looks like what is used in a small building from the 1920’s and heavy as hell.
That pipe is really needed for support pretty bad.

I Could not see down the drain, but that makes sense it could have been an integral pedestal support - but your screwed if you need to replace it.

Bob, i already know that’s a clean-out on the RIGHT side of the picture, look above and see i was asking about the white trap under the sink on THE LEFT of the picture.

and before u mention it , i already know there is a drum trap there too. :slight_smile: seen many clean-outs and many drum traps…

There you go…it has nothing to do with the trap.

Yes ,that is also a clean out built into the trap with pipe under to the floor for support.

You are meant to leave the trap on forever and use the cleanout on that bad boy.

Imagine putting it back (trap).(no holding fasteners on it)The pipe support actually threads in.

Heavy sink there- Whole house had originals from 1920s- JUST LOOK AT THIS SET UP ON SINK - that center pull is a diverter of sorts -
(think of it like a slide carburetor or a piston)
So when you push it down the sink holds water – pull up and it allows it to drain.

Brings back memories Joe.
I had 9 buildings as Local one maintenance and many sinks like that were worked on.
Plumbers have it easy today.

I would spend half a day trying to work on those things and often needed specialty parts from the faucet shop.http://thefaucetshop.com/

I’d say the hot water valve on that sink has been dripping for a long time Joe…

geez what tipped you off? :wink:

man o man, almost every fixture had similar wear/damage…

That sink was designed for commercial use we referred to them as mop sinks and heavy as hell thus the support leg on the bottom of the trap guess I’m telling my age

Charley even a youngster like myself remembers Mop sinks…and in dog years …well you are just a pup…:mrgreen:

I remember those well too, but the one in the picture is at least Charley’s age. I’m too young to remember that one. :mrgreen::wink: