Whats this for?

Any ideas on why these braces would be here?

Also, the old return line? is loosened up ferrel nut off and end is capped off by the burner. Any thoughts on why?


??Possibly to hold the tanks down if the basement floods??

No clue.

The last newer oil furnace I looked at didn’t need a return line.

Hold up the waste line?
Who knows, ha. ha.


I like the waste cleanout location too. Very accessible:shock:

Marcel maybe on to something. That waste line would be rather heavy in the event of a blockage down stream and I don’t see much in the way of hangers for the waste lines.

Aren’t oil tanks and 2x4’s commonly used in NH to support weak flooring systems? :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe they converted their furnace to helium?!?!?!?:smiley:

I love how they cut the ends of the 2xs to the contour of the tanks.

I suspect you mean Hydrogen as Helium is inert.:wink:

A standard fuel oil tank is 910litres or 200 imp.gal when filled this weighs about 2000lbs. x 2 =4000 lbs. about the same weight as my truck.Come on guys it’s obvious why he used the 2x4’s,to hold the tanks!!!


What’s on the floor above the oil tanks? Maybe a waterbed? Does the floor seem spongy?