What's this next to the silt filter?

This thing to the right of the silt filter had what looked like a condensate tube (which connects to a tube from the silt filter) leading to a floor drain.
It looked a little like a circulation pump but had no power feed.
What is this thing and what’s the purpose of the tube??


I notice that the right valve is shut and it looks like it is hooked to the same supply line in the back. Could this be a back-flush valve for the silt filter?

You can’t see it in this photo but this little manifold section is entirely disconnected, pipes cut, to prevent silting of the filter during work on the septic system (including video).

So any clues must come from the appearance of the mechanism and the tubes (I see well properties all the time but have never seen these tubes or this thing).

I’m confused, how does work on the septic system affect potable water supply pipes?

Sorry inaccurate description on my part. They inspected both the well and septic system. The well pump burned out and they had to install a new one. I think they decided to bypass the silt filter at that time and apparently it was never reconnected.
I see well equipment all the time but haven’t seen a component like this before.


I kind of lean towards Stephens view of some kind of back-wash.
That smaller valve to the right of that Water Manager filter looks like a manual solenoid or backflow valve, operational during gate valve adjustment. Of coarse the piping will need to be reconnected, if that is what it turns being. Notice the nasty sweat fittings, too much flux or nasty atmosphere causing blueing.
Just a WAG you understand.

What’s a back-flush valve do, Stephen?

Here you go Kenton.