Whats this pipe?

I know this was just on the board a little while ago but I can’t find it. What is this? On the other side of the wall is a kitchen cabinet that is empty.

No basements here.
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Maybe a vent pipe?

Those pics are very small, I think a little larger image will help in identifying

Try this

100_9845 (Small).JPG

Vent for High efficiency furnace, discharge for sump???

no furnace , no sump

a shot of the inside might help??

without that… some type of vent…

Thank you gjmagee!! GJmagee is correct! I don’t know who GJ is, but I want to say THANK YOU!!! The following note reminded me that there was a cook top exhuast. It’s a vent for the cook top!

This is the message:

Hi Mark,
Is the What’s This question something you can
answer? Just curious. My guess is a
downdraft oven or cooktop exhaust.

Mark, I don’t think plastic, and it looks like plastic to me, is allowed for that use.

It’s to small for a exhaust from range and should be corrected. If it is downdraft cooktop (i.e. Jennaire) they require a 6" exhaust. Same with draft hood above stove, they should be 6" to.

Older Jenn-aire’s had 4" vents. Circa 1965 - 1992.