What's this tank in the crawlspace?

Found this tank in a crawlspace today. It’ about the size of a 40 gal water heater that’s buried in the dirt with the top half cut out with standing water in it. A little more information is that this area of the crawlspace used to be the exterior (rear) of the home before they added a small addition. Also I found some oil supply lines in the crawlspace near it but I don’t think this tank has anything to do with it, too small to be an oil tank. Any ideas? Need anymore info that I forgot? I also learned the home has a cesspool about 10-15 foot out from the home in the rear.

Decommissioned oil tank.

Didn’t seem big enough but now that I took a second look most of the tank may be buried with only the top showing. You are probably right.

Looks like a oil tank to me

Me too, however I don’t like the standing water in it. I would suggest removing the water and taking steps to stop water in the future.


It’s where Jimmy Hoffa’s body was before they built the house over him! :smiley:

I was going to say the Acid pit they disposed bodies in :slight_smile:

Well, the oil lines should have given you the answer instantly