What's this thing on the right?

No PV at the house. The little window and dial indicates it’s for monitoring and adjusting something.

You didn’t open it up? Why?
The answers lay within.


Did the home have electric baseboard heating?

It is most likely a demand controller. It will randomly shut the electric baseboard heating circuits off to keep the power consumption below a certain amount.

Yeah, I did that with a clock one time, and it didn’t really work out too well, Roy. Ever since, I don’t open them up if I don’t know what they are. :|.)

I’ve seen demand controllers in Boulder, David, none of them had windows, but that doesn’t mean this was not a demand controller.


HA! I found a closeup. David wins!
I’ve never seen one exactly like this before.

What did I win? Send me a bottle of tequila! :twisted:

I have never seen one exactly like that either. I took a look at the number of two pole breakers, that was my big clue.