What's this thing on the roof?

It was about 12" in diameter. Home built in 1905. looked like a big float for a toilet tank valve

A piece of an air terminal would be my guess. Could also just be some piece of junk the old homeowner had laying around to make his antenna splices inside a little bit more weatherproof. If it’s neither of those, I’m going with meteorite. :mrgreen:


a pod off the mother ship ???

Looks like the Great Gazu’s space ship only white. LOL.

Kenton,it looks like a lightning rod ball.

Awww so thats how the Dems got to CO.

What is wrong with you all

Home owner just placed an old fishing float on the roof

You can tell by the posters state


It’s the crash site for Sputnik


NOAH?? :smiley:

I was downtown last night during Clinton’s speech. It’s a CIRCUS!

Tactical uniforms and machine guns, transvestites (not wearing the tactical uniforms or carrying the machine guns), delegates and and media reporters…

My son is working at the Denver Mariott Rennaisance- Quinton Tarantino, Spike Lee, Susan Sarandon, Ted Kennedy has a whole floor, security guards, bodyguards, secret service, swat teams, prairie dogs, aliens…

Sounds like the south side , here in Chicago.

Are we in agreement that the aforementioned item is a Lightning rod ball??? I googled 1905 lightning rod ball and came up with some interesting info. It appears as though that is exactly what that is. Google away folks.

Nope, I think fishing float on the roof would be Ohio or Louisiana.

I think that oned has my vote.