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While doing an inspection today I came across this data plate inside a bedroom closet on the main floor and also on the window in the master bath on the second floor. has anyone scene this type of tag or plate before? If so what is it for?





Looks like the same tag they put on portable camp shacks and mobile homes. Elkhart, IN is the trailer and RV capitol of the world. I’ve never seen one that said “Industrialized Housing”. Neat. I suppose it was what modular housing was called in a former era?


does this mean that this is a manufactured house and not stick built on site?

Some manufactured homes are required to have a 3rd party engineered inspection called a DAPIA report; to make sure the house was set on the foundation and fastened with approved fasteners and the sections are tied/strapped and bolted together to the manufactured specifications, usually they are homes with multi sections, 2 floors or more. If you have any questions call me I have done 1000s of inspections on manufactured homes. 419-203-2481



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I don’t think the buyers are aware that this is a manufactured home, nor was I at the time of the inspection. I did think that it was odd to have a 2 x 10 ridge beam with scissor trusses in a non vaulted ceiling. It all makes sense now.

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They were called Modular Homes, set in place with a crane. Usually came in two sections, split lengthwise.

According to T.R. Arnold and Associates of Elkhart, IN, the home is a manufactured home, rather than a modular home.

more info here: http://www.newtongov.org/Quick%20Reference%20Guide/Factory%20Built%20Homes.pdf

Must have come in 4 sections because its two stories on top of a basement garage.

must have come in four sections, its two stories ontop of a basement/garage



The label shown above is not a manufactured home label. It is a modular home.

Information about HUD and modular homes can be found at www.ntainc.com

Two year old thread, but still good information!

Probably just got the report done!:wink: