whats this?

I have 2 questions. First one, on the drop line what is this? Second question is for my knowledge, what is the correct distance a panel should be from a water line, I know the panel in the other picture is too close to the water line, but this is what made me curious.



Hi Tim,

The pictures are a little small, but I’m guessing that pic #1 is of a protective bushing/covering put over the drop by the utility to stop it chaffing against the trees (my own home has one) pic # 2 there is nothing stopping a water pipe running close to the panel, however that pipe appears to run in front of the panel which would not meet the 36 inch front clearance rule.



the yard irrigation guys came in and ran the feed to the system the same way at my own home…when i wasn’t here…You would think common sense would tell any semi- intelligent human being that You just don’t run water lines in front of or over the service panel…I guess these days …common sense is just not that common…

#1 looks like a piece of garden hose. there was probably a tree rubbing on the wire.

The green one’s sometimes do. I’ve seen them in black, green, and yellow. They’re just called… drumroll… “tree guards”.


Come one Marc. The only ones I have ever seen were orange.
Are you telling a fib? :—)

Nope. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen orange one’s. I’ve seen a few orange guy guards, though, but they’re mostly yellow. Are you sure you’re not thinking of the lumberjack plaid tree guards? :slight_smile:

Line hose is orange, but that’s so that they don’t forget and leave them behind, because they’re expensive. http://www.westernsafety.com/salisburyelectrical/salisburyelectricpg2.html

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

See now, from a post trying to be funny I learned something. :slight_smile:
I was talking about “line hose”. I’ve never seen that tree guard stuff, only line hose. That’s all they use around here.

Interesting. That stuff is a little expensive. It’s meant to cover up the lines and such so that workmen can do their work more safely. Maybe they use worn-out pieces that won’t pass the high voltage testing for tree guard?