Whats this?

Black rubber hose (corrugated) supposed to be attached to? High efficiency Carrier Weathermaker…

080718-01 050.jpg


Wheres Charley when you need him. :frowning:

Sorry been doing my favorite Sh!! building walls and hanging doors.

That rubber hose has a plug in it right can not tell from the pic for sure but appears that the furnace could also be used as a horizontal and that hose may be for that position would have to see where it was attached.

BTW I took another look at you pic does not appear that the combustion blower is even connected up the gas line is travling in front of the discharge knockout

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That is already a done deal for this year:D

They are both capped. I would hope it is being discharged out the other side of the induced blower assy.

As Charlie posted this stuff is to configure the unit in different ways. Nothing to be concerned about.

Thanks Charley and others.

The blower is hooked up to the left, I should have included a second picture for you to see the whole set up sorry.

080718-01 051.jpg

Many furnaces have several drains that are for use depending on how the furnace is oriented. Since this one is plugged, and the furnace likely works, it’s probably one that’s for use when the furnace is oriented differently.

Peter, I notice a lack of a drip leg on the gas supply pipe, maybe not needed, Propane, perhaps?