What's This?

Anyone know what this is all about?

Panel Item.jpg

Looks like a capacitor of sorts–a “polyester film” type capacitor. In such a useless size like that I can’t possibly imagine what it could do. Capcaitors are good for voltage smoothing when there are momentary high loads, but that capacitor can’t be rated more than a few thousand microfarads which i can’t honestly see doing much in this case.

Looks like it might be a metal-oxide varistor…does the same as the capacitor mentioned by Joey, but at 120/240 VAC levels. Good for eliminating “Inductive kickback” when slamming voltages off and on to large transformers…

I bet is is a crossover for an X10 system that allows the PLC signal to jump across to the other phase.


If we could read the label it would help but here is what it looks like

Yes it seems to be a capacitor to couple some low frequency RF from one side of the power transformer to the other side of the center taped winding. I have done this in the past to get house-wire intercoms, computers, etc. to work. It is not installed properly and should be noted.

I have never found a “proper” way to do this. The value of the cap is probably .001 mfd. working voltage about 500.

It is the difference between working and not working for some equipment that uses the house wire to communicate.

With out a better pix this is only a guess - but still is not installed properly - double tapped

Additional note - if it was a varistor one side would probably go to ground.


I thought it was a chiclet.:smiley: