What's This?

Having a brain cramp… what’s the correct term for the bar that connects across to both bus bars? (Notice how it is bent and the left bus is pulled loose).


Bonding strap/jumper

Make that “an improperly installed bonding jumper.”

Come on Jeff at least it’s insulated :wink:

LOL! (I told y’all I was cramping) :smiley:

The rest of the story…

my client’s dad and granddad were in the garage while I was showing the panel to my client. When I showed her the concern (keeping her at a safe distance), her dad (before I could blink an eye) reached around and stuck his finger in the panel to touch the “problem”:shock::shock::shock:. I grabbed his wrist and pushed him away just in time. Needless to say, I’ll have strict procedures from now on when I’m inspecting a panel. What a day…:roll:

That jumper should be horizontal. The terminal bus on the left has slipped downward at least 2". It should be the same approximate height as the one on the right. That would put the jumper out of the way of the live bus stab.