Whats Up With CMI

Today I got an email from somebody named Chloe at iNACHI saying.

Hi there! You are receiving this e-mail because you recently applied to be a Certified Master Inspector. Your application has been processed and you have been approved. You can view your personal listing here at:


Thanks for applying, and if you have any questions about your new designation or need any changes to be made you can contact chloe@certifiedmasterinspector.org


Chloe Katz

Master Inspector Certification Board

This was REAL confusing since I was the 1st CMI in Kansas or Missouri about 4-5 years ago. Then to make it more confusing, I DID NOT find myself in Missouri at all BUT did find myself at the BOTTOM of the list in Kansas.

Whats going on with CMI???

somebody obviously appreciates Your monster skills Man…

Hi Dan! Sorry about the confusion. We’ve been working on a new CMI website, with much better search capability, and building a new database of our users. Looks like you accidentally got entered as a new user and received a notification for it.

I’ve moved your listing to the correct MO page. Let me know if you need anything else.

Keep an eye out for the new CMI site!

Dan lives in Kansas, not Missouri.

Our member records show that he’s in Kansas City, MO. Dan - which page should I put you on?


Tim - In Kansas City, I live on KS side of state line … Office is in MO.

Can you put me on both. Go back and forth all day???

What town do you want for your Kansas listing?

We’re building an entirely new search tool so that a CMI on a border will be found in both states/provinces. It should be done by Friday afternoon. New site should launch by next week.

Kansas City, MO

Overland Park, KS

OK, done. But get ready for the new system… We’ll be using geolocation, so anyone can search by zip code or city instead of having to browse through the individual states.

So I will now be found in New Castle County (Wilmington) DE as well as PA ?

Yes, on the new system - which is almost ready - anyone within a certain radius will show up. I believe the radius, right now, is 40 miles (~64km). We’re just waiting till we get all the addresses entered in the new database and geocoded.


I believe if an inspector is asked to refer a vendor of any sort, he should be required to offer at least three so the client can compete them for quality and price. This way the inspector is completely “arms length”.
I believe that is how the real estate firms are handling the issue.

I also believe that the penalty for an inspector receiving compensation, in any manner, from any of those vendors should be removal from the association.

Don’t you believe that INACHI would then be keeping the high ground? It seems to solve most of the issues.

While it is good to negotiate deals for inspectors I believe it is far more important for INACHI to be more than arms length away from them as well.

“Esse Quam Videri”


Hi Marvin - This isn’t really the right topic to be talking about the vendor issues… This topic is about an question about the CMI database. If you’d like to comment on the vendor subject (and get a reply from Nick), there are a few other topics available or you could start your own.