what's up with MB

Wondering what’s up with the MB? To get to the MB I now have to scroll through all the search sections and subsections of NACHI before I get to board. Is this the new norm? Before when I went to inspection form that was all that came up, didn’t have to scroll through everything else. I have to start over and scroll down each time I open something. Is there a setting somewhere to get rid of the sections?

Never mind, just found the settings at the bottom. Somehow it was set to another style. Back in business now.

Happened to me and a couple of the other guys too today.

It also looks like they changed all the fonts…

I’m trying out the experimental mobile style. Looks pretty good so far.

I think I like it as well. 90% of time I’m on MB I’m viewing from my phone. Like the look of it. Took me a minute to figure out what the icons signify next to each post, like the feature.


You’re right! The sidebar position was wrong. We changed it again. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

Please refresh your browser and check the “InterNACHI - Current” theme on mobile. The sidebar must be on the bottom again, and all the forum content on the top.

Best regards!