What's up with the building wall?

I was scanning the outside of a huge brick hotel building and these two areas exposed themselves.

Would this possibly be laundry, utility, or snack machine rooms?






Should’ve tried to invite yourself in with imager in hand to have a look!! Wonder what the response of tenants would be or if you could even get your foot in the door?

Good guesses, though!

Two little old ladies probably live in each place. They like to keep the house as hot as a slag furnace.

I tried. It’s one of those fancy high-rise hotels with valet parking and the stupid looking uniformed bell/bag boys. They wouldn’t let me through the front door so I didn’t get a chance to investigate.

Looks like I’m gonna have to use the ole dynamite strapped to the chest trick.

Two 13th Floors…

That is a large temp range you have there.
Am I reading -40 for the sky?
Notice coping at the roof is same color also the lower temps seem to go past the floors.(flashing?)
Could that wall be part stone?
Sorry but random thoughts.