What's Up With This E-mail I Got Today

Good day and Happy New Year!
We are proud to announce the launch of a new website coming Feb 1st 2012. The launch will start with 5 cities and will list a maximum of 10 inspectors per city. This alone is not a new concept but we have added a twist to it.
This new platform will offer your clients something they have never had before, Please visit our home page, www.CHIontario.com

If you are interested and approved to be on the site the monthly fees are $50. This will start in February when the website is complete. All membership fees will be spent on advertising.
We feel with this new platform we have elevated the confidence level in the clients that use an inspector from this site.

The website is under construction but the home page is there for you to understand why clients would choose an inspector through our website vs any other website.

Once new members join we will add the city pages, your company will be listed along with your email and phone numbers, clients will contact you directly. There is no fee for referrals, only your monthly membership fee. There is no contract and you can opt out at anytime.

If this something you would like to be a part of please reply to this email and we will hold one of the 10 spots for you. Please indicate which city or cities you would like to be listed on.

one city, $50 month, two cities $100 month, three cities $130 month.

Thank you for your time


A site under construction and they want your money? Don’t waste your money

Owner is a member here since November 2011.
Looks like he can’t make a living as a home inspector so he is branching out to web listings. Probably joined to get access to email addresses. Each to his own.

I am convinced that if P.T. Barnum were alive and well today he would be marketing products to home inspectors.
During the very brief period of time in which the overwhelming majority of unemployed and underemployed tradesmen will spend in this field on their way to finding their next job … they will buy lots and lots of stuff.

Follow this link will take you in the right direction http://ontarioachi.ca/

Looks like he is an expert you can trust.
Let him do some ride along’s to judge you and examine your report as he will then decide if you should stay in business.

Will do this at random, so stay on your toes boys.

But Bob… isn’t that the “Union” way??? :mrgreen:

Another home inspector biting his nails waiting for business. In the interim he is hoping to attract some gullible equals to fork over some dollars to generate some additional income from worthless advertising.

This person (www.CHIontario.com ) is not associated with ontarioachi at this time and has zero involvement with the new Ontario chapter of internachi!