What's with Copenhagan?

It is all about the poor countries of the world, run by despots and dictators trying to shake down the well off countries (of which the U.S. is the most well off) for money to pay for our “environmental sins”, i.e., being developed and working.

Someone tell these clowns that the Great Socialist Experiment failed. The Societ Union fell apart because of its own internal contradiction and the Socialist European countries are following.

Just look at the demonstators.

Some people never give up their delusions.

Will… why do you post things that make us think?
Logic is so hard on people.

Live long and prosper

And there is this:


Chavez and Noriaga and Achmadinajad and Mugabi and all the other dictators slamming the U.S. and Capitalism. Simply put, the reason that their countries are such dung holes is because they are communist or totalitarian. Capitalism brings prosperity.

Now Hillary is telling them that the US is going to put up 100 billion to jump start and support efforts of the Copenhagen agenda. 100 billion while the citizens of this country are struggling. Must be the ultimate Democratic wet dream come true. Just give it away to anyone—we can always print more.

The US wants to borrow billions from China and then pay China to clean up their air. How stupid is this country? The US is going the way of Rome…into the history books after we collapse!

When are you guys going to realize that Osama really is a ‘one worlder’ ? He and his uber liberal friends are selling the United States down the river. And the enviro-wako-global warming left is reveling at finally having their chance to enact their dreams. 2010 can’t come soon enough.

Now now George,

According to joey and Jim, Obama is exactly what this country needs.

They know what they are talking about don’t they? :wink:

Via China??

No, the US is going to contribute an undisclosed amount to a 100 billion dollar fund.

Pres Obama is what we call here in Chicago, A limo Democrat, they get out at a food pantry make nice speeches, and then get in the limo and go to Gene and Georgette’s for dinner, Funny thing about the Pres, he kept an arms length from Chicago politics. If he was born of the machine, it could be a lot worse.

I disagee, Jeff.

He, in the public eye, kept an arms length from “Da Mayor”, but,m in private, he was shmoosing all the time.

Axelrod was Daley’s campaign manager, for 3 elections, now he works for Obama.

Same thing. Two differences

  1. Daley is white and Obama is half white. Therefore, Obama can appeal to blacks, and thanks to Rev Wright, can blame “whitey” if he fails or if “his people:” don’t get their welfare payments on time.

  2. The far left, “SIEU”, ACLU, Jesse and AL cannot play the race card against Obama because, even though he is a mulato, he has “identified:” with the poor, oppressed blacks. They will support him, no matter what, even though, he really is discussed by them. That’s why he lived in Hyde Park.

Hope thsi helps;

He was never part of the machine, Axelrod is like a fly on S$$$t

I disagree. The “Machine” is statewide and no one gets elected without it, except in some of the Republican collar counties.