What's with the spam

I have been getting promotional e-mails (like 2 to 3 a day) from a company called etouch promoting an InterNACHI drawing of some sorts. It says you have to doenload something, but you can’t download unless you answer a survey and the surveys are big add promotions that are just briseling with add ware.

  1. Is this NACHI legit and, if so, who is the idiot that allowed this? or;
  2. Which state’s attorney general can I complain to.

It’s spam, there’s been lots of posts about it over the past few days…

Well, Nick or someone should call this etouch company and threaten them.

I will do so, tomorrow.

You can also forward the email(s) to Spam Gov <spam@uce.gov>.

I, like most here, have received several of these also, at three different email addresses.

Thought it was legit at first until I clicked on the link. Found out quikly thatbit was spam. Cant wait for more to come in!! :frowning:

I don’t get it…how can they spam using InterNachi. I understand the mailing list, but using InterNachi seems outright illegal.

It is illegal.

Yes, i have received this spam as well.